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Mazatlán, the Pacific Pearl

A fun, beach and culture destination

Mazatlan is a favorite of those fleeing the cold and looking for a warm and welcoming environment eternal. Endowed with a coastline dotted paradise islands, a beautiful promenade, kilometers of golden beaches and blue lagoons.

Sun and sand or culture and history? Mazatlan is one of the few tourist destinations that offer both options.

In the new Golden Zone, developed in the sixties, you will find a lot of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants scattered along idyllic beaches; while in Old Mazatlan or the historic center life goes on as it did before the tourists arrive to markets, cafes, churches and squares shaded traditional neighborhoods.

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Mazatlan International Carnival

The maximum Sinaloa state party this is as cheerful and pompous than any other in the country, and unlike other carnivals, is full of culture and tradition.

At this time heard everywhere band music, popular throughout the north of the country, and thousands of visitors and natives are attracted to the most representative festival of Sinaloa.

This celebration, which has more than 100 years old and its beautiful scenery beaches, is also known for having a wide variety of cultural activities such as poetry competitions, awards for literature, music concerts, theater performances and other shows artistic high quality.

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The food is part of the culture and custom of each place, and especially for Mazatlan represents a landmark label.

The following list of typical dishes will open your appetite and desire to visit our beautiful harbor:

  • Aguachile
  • Fish Buffeted
  • Shrimp ceviche
  • Scallops
  • Tacos “governor”
  • Saw ceviche
  • Marlín
  • Fried “pajaritos”
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Coricos

The most Mazatleco

Mazatlan has countless places, attractions and symbols that any tourist and resident alien must know...

Starting with the Malecon comprised of 21 km divided into nine sections and a number of beaches, monuments, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and stalls, which make it one of the longest piers in the world.

Following the Plazuela Machado besides being one of the venues of the celebrations of Carnival also quite regularly art exhibitions, book fairs and all kinds of cultural and political events take place.

In addition to its historic center, cathedral and famous Teatro Angela Peralta who are testimonies of a golden age when the port was known as the Athens of the West for its mainly European business elite.

Until arriving at Faro Mazatlan, which is the world's largest natural lighthouse, from its top reaching to appreciate the lengths of the port and relief to reach the Sierra Madre Occidental on one side and the vast sea on the other.

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Symbols of Mazatlan

On December 20, 1965, first made their appearance in the city very strange carts peculiar characteristics, which immediately attracted the attention of people.

Over time know that would be destined to become a new form of public transport, which since its introduction and over the years it has become so entrenched use and popularity, to talk about them is to point out something very representative from the city.

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Paseo del Centenario
Although the ride existed since the nineteenth century, it was reopened in 1910 on the basis of the first centenary of Independence baptizing with the current name.

Surrounding the Cerro del Vigia, the place has several pergolas from where you can enjoy spectacular views, especially when leaving or getting the sun.

A pleasant walk that will offer the best panoramic pictures of this beautiful port, so do not forget your camera.

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El Clavadista
Daring cliff divers are the executors of releases into the shallows of 2.5 meters deep in the Pacific Ocean from atop a cliff in the Glorieta Sanchez Taboada, a small square facing the sea located right on the boardwalk, near the Paseo Olas Altas, one of the icons of the Historic Center of Mazatlan.

This show is performed by local people free of charge, all day and often into the night, using torches as part of the show. While a group of tourists around, will be launched. Live well they deserved the tips they receive from observers.

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Venados of Mazatlan

It is the professional baseball team first class participates in the most important winter league, the Mexican Pacific League, and Mazatlan Venados, founded in 1945, have been champions eight times.

Each game is full of excitement. Hitters Mazatlan Venados look and flaunt their long history of victories.

The fans of this team is the Estadio Teodoro Mariscal, found himself completely modernized in 2000.