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How to buy?

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1. Search

Look for your property in Mazatlan with RE/MAX MG GOLD. We will help you to find the better choices.

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2. Offer

We support you giving you information on comparable properties so you can make the right decision. We help you present and negotiate your offer.

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3. Process

Once the offer is accepted we help you with the paperwork and the buying process.

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4. Closing

Once this is ready and validated with the notary, we coordinate the date and time of the signature, involved payments and final inspection.

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5. Post Sale

We support you with information to make the name changes of the utility bills, and how to take advantage of fiscal incentives, besides we orient you in case of adjustment or hiring extra services.

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6. Welcome

We invite you to be part of our circle of friends. We try to keep you informed about what happens in Mazatlan.